Move to Higher Ground

Our mission is to secure the future of the Quileute tribe by moving the at-risk community to the safe zone where their culture and heritage can continue to thrive for generations to come.
Our vision is to see the Quileute people experience their rich and vibrant traditions in a safe community where they continue to pass on teachings to the bearers of their culture – the Quileute youth.
Help Us Achieve Our Mission and Vision

Help Save and Preserve the Quileute Culture and Traditions for 7 Generations to come.

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The Quileute Tribe of La Push, on the northwest tip of the Washington coast, welcomes you to our Move to Higher Ground project.

The first priority of the Tribe is the relocation of the Quileute Tribal School.

What’s at stake?
Precariously located in a tsunami zone at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the survival of an entire people is at risk.

Living in a tsunami zone at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, a catastrophic earthquake can wipe out our community in less than 10 minutes – an entire generation of the Quileute people will cease to exist. Everyone lives on this earth, each a member of a bigger tribe, a wider community, and we need your help to move our tribal community from a disaster zone to a safer, better and higher ground.

The Quileute Tribal School is the only one in the world that teaches our own unique language and culture. Perched just beside the ocean, its breathtaking views are enough to inspire our Quileute children to discover more about our ancestral village and rich heritage. If we lose it to a horrific tsunami on a school day, we lose everything – our children’s lives and our culture’s future.

Relocating the tribal school to higher ground is truly a matter of life or death for the Quileute people.

Highlights of Project Objectives
Ideal Relocation Area

Transfer Quileute Tribal School to safe area beyond tsunami zone and near emergency response center

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Quileute community leaders, project managers and donors work together for relocation and construction plans

Fundraising Campaigns

Organize awareness and fundraising campaigns to sustain relocation projects of school, elder center, offices and homes

Disaster-Proof Construction

Build community structures and homes with disaster-resistant materials and construction methods

Tribe Engagement

Quileute elders, youth and tribal members are involved from choosing relocation site to determining facilities for construction

Integration to New Community

Support integration of Quileute culture and traditions in newly built communities in a safer site


Quileute Move to Higher Ground

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La Push, WA 98350
(206) 388-9200