Move to Higher Ground

Our mission is to secure the future of the Quileute tribe by moving the at-risk community to the safe zone where their culture and heritage can continue to thrive for generations to come.
Our vision is to see the Quileute people experience their rich and vibrant traditions in a safe community where they continue to pass on teachings to the bearers of their culture – the Quileute youth.
Help Us Achieve Our Mission and Vision

Help Save and Preserve the Quileute Culture and Traditions for 7 Generations to come.

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The Quileute Tribe of La Push, on the northwest tip of the Washington coast, welcomes you to our Move to Higher Ground project.

The priority of the Tribe was the relocation of the Quileute Tribal School which was successfully completed in the summer of 2022.

What’s at stake?

Precariously located in a tsunami zone at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the survival of an entire people is at risk.

Living in a tsunami zone at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, a catastrophic earthquake can wipe out our community in less than 10 minutes – an entire generation of the Quileute people will cease to exist. Everyone lives on this earth, each a member of a bigger tribe, a wider community, and we need your help to move our tribal community from a disaster zone to a safer, better and higher ground.

Relocating to higher ground is truly a matter of life or death for the Quileute people.

What’s next?

With the successful relocation of the Quileute Tribal School, phase 1 is now complete. The next phase of the Move to Higher Ground project will continue to focus on the preservation of life and community and cultural resources. The Quileute Tribe intends to relocate our senior center, human services, government administration, and natural resource departments and to provide more housing out of the tsunami zone.


Quileute Move to Higher Ground

PO Box 279
La Push, WA 98350
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